Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Hookers

Look at the beautiful w.i.p. This is one BIG runner. This is Pat's rug...beautiful. The colors are amazing! (Love Lori's shoe!!)

And these are the happy hookers. The group was smaller today, but we had such a nice time. These are some very talented ladies...and all of the rugs are truly wonderful. I hook candle mats, they hook real rugs. We cut up and laugh and really enjoy the day and the company. And in between we manage to get a little hookin' done, or punchn' and today even some knitting.
And of course after we finished we had to go across the way to Goodwill for new treasures. No day trip is complete without a thrift store jaunt. I have been working really hard to get it all together for summer and show items, it's coming along...I do see some progress being made. Tomorrow the shop will be open so I may just start to pour up some beeswax shoes and such, make some tags for the sugar cones and of course I will be stitchn'. Have a blessed evening.


  1. looks and sounds like you had a fun time~thanks for sharing~the rugs are beautiful!

  2. Robin- It was so nice to spend the day with you and Lori. Nothing like sharing the day with a bunch of chatterbox hookers! I'll bet your rabbit piece is finished, already!