Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!

Happy Dance..I am doin' the Happy Dance!! The chair pads are done, the chair pads done. If
you have not seen them, these are all 4 of the set. This is what I call the star set, designed by me and wool punched by me. I will begin another set in a few days(of a different theme). These are backed with no slip grippin' stuff, kinda like shelf liner or the stuff you put under your rugs to keep your feet from flyin' out from under ya!! Hopefully these will go to the show with me in July, I really like 'em and they would look REAL good in my chairs...mmm, maybe I will keep these for myself, no I really would like them to go to a good "owner". Sorry for the table in the picture...that is my hubby's work table and I guess he got a little spray paint on it.
Sooo, how was your Sunday? Good I hope! Kinda chilly here and now they are
calling for a light frost tonight. What's up with this's blazing hot one day and then the next your freezin' your patooties off. I guess it's a good thing I have not turned any of the pilot lights off on the gas logs.
Tomorrow is errand day...and probably a quick trip through the Goodwill...well I HAVE to go right by it so I MUST go in. Then it will be off to the store, bank and the usual run around stuff us women must do.(Bless a man that would pick up what HE needs at the drug store!!) Send 'em to Lowe's and their fine, send 'em out of the comfort zone and they are totally, totally lost! Well my friends, I better go and start some dinner, I know he will be hungry from all the grass cuttin' he did today, and rakin' and he even painted the garage. He has been a busy beaver today!!!
Have a peaceful and blessed evening.


  1. The chair pads turned out beautiful - I'm sure they will sell right away! It was so nice to talk to you on the phone and I'll get an e-mail organized and off to you in the next few days. Have fun running errands, I have to do the same thing tomorrow. Dawn

  2. I love your chair pads!!
    I agree, they turned out BEAUTIFUL!!
    Prim Perfect!