Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Welcome. Come on in, or sit a spell on the porch. This is Millstone, my heart and soul.
If I could figure out how to reduce and resize, my header would look better!! The computer is NOT my friend!!LOL. Inside you will find all kinds of things...from brand new.. to a table from the 1700s. Hopefully she will be going through yet another transformation soon...a woman can never leave "stuff" alone...gotta be movin' it around. I almost have enough boxes for a "wall", she is just not prim enough for me yet, but ya gotta start somewhere...right? I have had so much fun with her and hopefully soon will be going to gather some treasures to bring to the shop.
I am working on the chair pads, my new tags for baskets, lanterns for your porch..these
can also be used to illuminate your trees and hopefully today I will get something drawn up to take "hookin" with me tomorrow. I will be heading out in the morning with
Lori (Not Forgotten Farm) to go to Charlottesville for a hookin' get together. I had so much fun the last time, and was in awe of some of the projects that the women were working on. They are some very talented ladies!! And today I try and finish my name tag...that just might not happen. Hey Lori, I have a "My Name Is" tag, can I just wear that!!? Well, with all I seem to have to do, I better go get started...but first it's off to Wally World. A woman's chores are never done!!
Try and take a moment out of your busy day just for yourself, even if you
only get one stitch done..at least you have done something you enjoy!
Have a blessed day.
Much Happiness


  1. Oh, would I ever love to come shopping!!! Hope you do some inside pictures too. Have a great time at the hookin' get together, Dawn

  2. Robin, It was so nice to be with you and Lori today! I feel so priviledged to be part of Millstone Mercantile.