Thursday, April 15, 2010

Good evening to you all, I hope everyone had a great day. I spent my day starting to put
the finishing touches on my chair pads, thanks Lori (Not Forgotten Farm) for your
help yesterday in showing me a better way!! I finished up some needle punch and started another...been busy but I am just not quite finished so you will just have to wait to see the finished product. I was asked for some more pictures of the inside of the olde house,sooo I am showing you part of the upsatirs foyer. I have not had a chance to paint the hardwood floor yet but one day I will. I am always changing the furniture in this room. The black sette was in
our bedroom the other day and an old sewing machine was in it's place, but I switched them, and yes I love crocks. The quilt is "Trip Around The World" and was given to me about 30 years ago as a gift. We put the window in and I wanted extra wide trim and then Lee stenciled it for's really tall and I could not reach it, even on the big ladder. We hung a lot of large things on the wall to take up the really big stairwell...tobacco basket, old rakes and there are also old paddles, an apple butter paddle and other smalls.
We feel very blessed to be the keepers of this house and try very hard to keep her "happy". I hope you enjoyed one small part of our home, and I will show you more another day. I am off to do some more punching, and sewing.
I had to send mine in this morning :(
Have a blessed evening.

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