Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I admit...I collect

OK. I admit I collect...not just one thing but a variety of things. I love sheep, as on the mantel, I love crocks, they are everywhere and old boxes. I have a love of old rockers and chairs, it is my belief that everything needs a home!!LOL I am soooo thankful that my husband feels the same way. What we do not keep we re-make and re-do and sometimes it ends up being something totally different than what it was intended for. We have turned old tables into cupboards, old boxes into shelves and old dressers into buffets and t.v. stands. You are only limited by your imagination...although mine does get a little carried away at times. I have taken just the top of a Hoosier cabinet and hung it on the wall for display...the old ball jars look great in it, I have a tobacco basket hanging from my ceiling along with a very large rake...who says you can't decorate your ceiling. There are also baskets and old rug beaters hanging in my den. I think that is why I love the primitive, country, colonial style. (You call it what you want). There are so many choices to be made. They hung their baskets from the ceiling and so do I, although mine are not used. My barrels in the pantry hold my dry goods as did theirs, I use crocks to hold potatoes and onions and boxes hold spices. I use what I collect, or a lot of it anyway.Yes, they show ware and tear, but so do I. I know to some people it is just "stuff" or some even call it "junk", but for me it is heritage and home. I feel comfort being surrounded by these things of olde and feel very blessed to be their "keepers" for a while.
On that note, what do you collect?
Have a blessed day.


  1. Crocks are one of my favorites, old wooden items, baskets, old quilts & textiles, kitchenware, and the list goes on and on. I'd love to see a pic of your hoosier top hanging. I have one, not sure what to do with it. have a lovely day,

  2. beautiful post, my Friend~
    I think the things that I like to collect the most...are friends like you!