Saturday, April 24, 2010

Quilt Class

Good evening to you. What a fun day the ladies of the hand quilting class
of 2010 had at Lori's...Notforgotten Farm. There were 5 very "newbie" ladies wanting to learn the fine art of hand quilting. After much laughter, a lot a 'fussin about the SMALL eye
of the needle and a few drops of blood I did manage to create the little
mat above. This is my first attempt at hand sewing...other than sewing up a doll
or sewing on a button. I was not sure what I would have by the end of the session, but
I am rather pleased with it.
Of course, I did not think I had my camera with me, I found it in my pocketbook
AFTER the class was over. Go over to Lori's page if you would like to see the
talent these ladies had. We each ended up with a very nice mat or small doll cover.
And of course our hostess was amazing as always. She always makes you feel
like there is nothing that you can not accomplish...even if you do not have a clue
as to what you are doing. Lori is a great teacher!! If you ever get the chance to come
to one of her classes please do so, I promise you will not be sorry. I must say that
Felicia started us out on the right foot, she is one smart lady when it comes to quilting
and has designed many quilting projects. Unfortunately, she had to leave class a little early.
But I think she would be proud of what we ended up with.
Well ladies, I am headed to the basement...maybe to cut some more squares for
another small quilt project!!?
Have a blessed evening


  1. It WAS a fun day!!! So great to spend it with you and the other stitchers. You're so right about Lori and Felicia. They are great confidence builders.

  2. Your quilt is precious. I saw all the pictures on NF and popped over to meet you. I've enjoyed reading lots of your earlier post and I'll be back for sure....hugs, Linda

  3. Thank you Linda, pleasure to meet you. Hope you come back soon.

  4. Great job on your lil' quilt! It looks so prim...just perfect!