Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pounds of Fabric!!

One of my "mostest" favorite past times is to collect fabric. Pay dirt was hit today!!
I have above REAL Homespun, Civil War Repo fabric, and Honey & Me fabric. I can't wait
to start and create with these awesome colors. I am just pondering what to
make out of these beautiful pieces of fabric. I have a few things in mind, but
we shall see.
I had so much fun with Lori today, we laugh more than anything...and
that is so good for the soul...we never did find that peacock in the store
but we looked for it....we kept hearing a peacock I am not going crazy
'cause we BOTH heard it!!
Will finish the last chair pad tonight and then it is on to do the finishing
work on them...the hard part. I am still undecided whether or not to do
a table runner to match these. In the next couple of days I will start hang tags
for some small baskets that I found at Goodwill. But of course they have to be
painted first....And my hang tags will be made from my design needle punch. Hopefully it will work.(it works in my head anyway!!)

I hope everyone has a great's just starting to rain here. I love sitting on the screen porch and listen to the rain on the tin roof...think that's where I will go and punch.
See Ya...



  1. Robin, What beautiful fabric. I especially like the one with the willow tree on it. ~Ann

  2. I just posted about the rain on the tin roof!!!
    great minds think alike!!!

  3. OMGosh, for two days I have tried finding Civil War and in Thrift Stores/Antique shops etc....darn, you did good girl:) I love each piece...can't be jealous tho...cause you are very deserving; look forward to seeing some of your work.
    Gonna visit your site after I put my Ott-Lite together... if the phone will stop ringing:( Gail

  4. You scored some great the colors! Can't wait to see what you do with it.

  5. Thank you all for the kind comments. I first want to cover some vintage boxes and books, the rest, hopefully, will come to me. Tonight I bought old vintage linen at our auction house...tea dyed up perhaps??