Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Day Well Spent

I stayed in the home shop yesterday...and I actually accomplished right darn much! I got the box above covered. This is with some of the civil war fabric I purchased at Ben Franklin Crafts. That is one great store. If you ever get the chance you really ought to go! Their fabric selection is really, really good. I made the little repo needle keep out of card stock, pretty cute huh? I have put old needles on the inside with still a bit of thread attached to them. I also managed to get my rag stuffed crow done and my eagle( for 4th of July), cut some more quilt squares, cleaned up one big mess and cut some templates out for some more needlepunch. No wonder I was so tired last night during Idol!! They were all good last night. But I was surprised when no one sang her song From This Moment. That is one awesome song, which by the way is the song that I used to walk down the isle when I married Lee. I did not use the traditional bridal song. I got a very good friend of mine to sing it, and she sounded just like Shaniwa(?). Oh well, that was a few years ago, but I still like to think about it!!
Today is going to be a lot less productive day as I am going to get my hair cut, either by my stylist or with sheep shears!!LOL I can't stand it any more.
I will be offering a free pattern in the next few for needlepunch. Please feel free to copy it and punch the design or really enlarge it and hook it or use it for any type of needle work.
Have a blessed day...and remember to smile!! It really helps the soul.


  1. Robin,
    Your box turned out great. Our local BenFranklin has awesome fabric, too. Lots of Windham repros that I love. Sounds like you had a super busy day ~ dontcha love days like that?

  2. Good morning Robin. Sounds like you had a productive day and I love your covered box! I sewed from 8:30 until 11:30 last night and was I ever tired!!! Got lots done though. Have a restful day, Dawn

  3. Love your covered box Robin. That's something I haven't tried yet but plan to. Hope your hair turns out like you want it to. Have a great day!

  4. Nice job! Thats great fabric....unfortunately there isn't a Ben Franklin store in my area.:(

  5. Your day was busy and a good one too. Love the covered box, the fabric is great....we had a Ben Franklins here but it closed a number of years ago, I miss it. The little needle keep is very dear. A happy day to you...hugs, Linda

  6. Gorgeous box! I just love boxes that are decorated with fabric or paper!!!

  7. Thank you all for the kind comments, they are very much appreciated.