Monday, April 5, 2010

Picture This...

Close your eyes and picture this...a beautiful farmhouse with the sounds of nature all around. Keep your eyes closed...handmade curtains gently blowing, the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen and the laughter of good friends. Doesn't that sound fun? Well, it was. THE perfect day. What fun we had at the Brechlin Farm. I had such a nice and relaxing time that I forget to take any pictures!!LOL....Let's see what happened...lost a peacock...found a peacock...ate good food...went exploring...ate good food...found the front porch rocker...ate good food...found out what cheese pie was (good)...Peter can juggle...ate good food...Lee learned how to read a book...ate good food. The animals were great as usual...they are all so cute. Did you know that guineas, to me, look like little armadillos running around...and when they roost at night in the trees they remind me of vultures. Buddy and Lazy did there thing...Buddy hung out with the guys and did the "guy thing"...he took a nap...come to think of it so did Lazy. Such sweet dogs, although Buddy being the size he is it's kinda hard to call him "sweet". I guess gentle would be a better phrase. Did I mention that we ate some wonderful food??
Thank you Lori for opening up your home and heart to Lee and I, we truly had The Perfect Day!

I am just about finished with the third chair pad in this set, and hopefully by this evening I will have started the last one for this set...and then it's on to something else...just do not know what.

It is another beautiful day here and I am off to start cleaning the floors...Yuk...but it's gotta be done. Hopefully it will not take tooo long and I can get outside to sit and stitch!!

Thank you again Lori for the wonderful company and great food.

Have a blessed day,

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  1. my Farmhouse door, arms and heart will always be open to you both~
    thank you for sharing a special day with us!