Monday, April 12, 2010

Gathering Room

Happy Monday! What a beautiful morning...I hear our feathered friends out and about, and the squirrels are scampering up the tree base to feast on the food I have for them, Lee has left for work and the house is quiet...a wonderful morning!! Thought I would show you part of our Gathering Room and what you can do with the old corn holds some of my collection of dough bowls!! Lee thought I was crazy for wanting it in the house and not in the yard somewhere, but I just loved the blue paint on it and since it was in great shape I decided that I wanted to keep it safe. He does admit now that he likes it inside. This room is also our dining room, but since we gather there a lot to sit and drink coffee in the morning and look at the mountains I call it the Gathering Room. Every house has that one room where people seem to gravitate to. For some it's the kitchen or the den. In our old house it was my teeny tiny kitchen and in the summer it was my "outside room"..aka the deck. When I am here alone my favorite gathering spot is my back porch. I love to go out there in sit in the big ole rocker and stitch the day away all while listening to the fountain. It is just so relaxing and peaceful, until a stray bee finds it's way in!! Then it's kaity bare the door until it's caught either by me, the cat or one of the dogs. Somehow all the peace and quiet vanish while they "play" with it. But at least I had a few moments to ponder my thought and stitch....
Here is hoping that you find your "Gathering Spot" today and get to enjoy a little something for yourself.
Have a beautiful day and many Blessings to you.


  1. What a lovely room! It looks so bright & welcoming. :)

  2. Very cozy! I've never heard of a corn cutter. The bowls look perfect in it!