Wednesday, April 21, 2010

And This To Shall Pass....

For old that is. This is what I worked on yesterday. The fabric covered box and book. They will look great in the old pie safe or in the cupboard in the lavatory. I have used repo civil war fabric for both of these, I can't wait to use them in decorating.
Post is short today as I am waiting for Lori(NotForgottenFarm) to arrive so that we may head out to seek treasures. Today we are taking a day trip to Roanoke and Vinton and all points in between. But then again you may never know where we will end up!! I will post this evening and let you know about all the goodies we found, and maybe all the trouble that we somehow got into!!LOL I just wish it was a sunny bright day instead of rainy, but they say by lunch it will be clearing...we shall see.
Have a sunny matter what the weather is.
Until later...
Blessings to you


  1. Wow, love the box and book...wonderful job. The fabric is wonderful.

  2. They look wonderful!!!!!...You two have fun today!!Sure wish I lived nearby~~hugs,Jen