Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Final 4...4th chair pad that is

Howdy folks! This is the final chair pad in the "star" series of chair pads.
Now we just have to trim, stitch and put the backing on and they will be done!!
These will be going with me to the show in July, if they do not sell before that. All
four of these are my design...I will not be making anymore like these!
Last night was "date night". We brought home a few things...I am all boxed out.
I think I have enough boxes to last for a while. I just love old boxes with lids, they can
hide everything!! Most of these will be making the trip with me to Fishersville, some will
go in the shop and some will stay with me. Today, I sold every box in my shop to
a golf pro shop. They want them to display their t-shirts in, they also bought every berry basket
I hold golf balls. I am sooo glad I have a reserve of old apple boxes, crates and berry baskets!! The home shop is starting to fill up again, she was alookin' bare for a while. Now I almost need a storage shed!! There is a Hoosier Cabinet, tobacco baskets, tables, old antique linen...which is a weakness of mine...and of course a boat load of boxes. This stuff does not include what's down there on a daily basis. I really hope July comes quick or I am not going to be able to get around down there!!
My outside fountain is up and running's a dry sink with enamel ware and a spiket. I will post a picture of that tomorrow. Lee is outside starting a fire in our fire pit and he has the cover off the hot tub...think I will sign off now and go outside and spend some by the fire...maybe with a glass of wine!! Tomorrow is another day at the shop...but at least I have a sewing machine up there also, and I figured out how to thread it all by myself!! No DVD help this time..LOL.
Please have a blessed evening, will talk to you later and I promise tomorrows post will be better, I am just really tired tonight.

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  1. Sounds like a very productive day! Hope you had fun by your fire and in the hot tub. Enjoy your Sunday, Dawn