Friday, August 13, 2010

Back to Normal

I am back to normal...whatever that is. Below is a few finishes, pocket tea towels with drieds, couple of prim cats...and the little jar has a label that says "Prim Fixins'" and the smell of it is awesome...buttons, homespun and some other needfuls fill the jar, with a secret scent of course.
Below is the dough riser I purchased at our last Friday Night Date Night outing. The cotton stem on top was a gift from Lori...lovin' that cotton stem.
For any new followers, Friday is date night. We have dinner out and then we go to the auction, if there is one. We have been doing this for about 3 years. We used to go on Friday and Saturday night but they stopped having them on a regular basis on Saturday night. Oh well, we do enjoy our Friday night auction. It's a great way to see our friends and what else ya got to do...right?
Lori and I will be at the shop today...please come on out and visit for a spell. We will be putsin' round about somewheres in there.
Before I let you go I just want to say Thank You ONE MORE TIME! Your kind words and thoughts mean so much...and to all of my new friends....WELCOME!
Have a great Friday.


  1. It's all lookin' great! Lovin' those towels! Bet you're glad that hard part is over - at least until a bunch sells! Have fun on date nite, Dawn

  2. HI Robin,
    I have enjoyed reading about the goings on at Notforgotten Farm. You and Lori are going to have so much fun. I wish there were shoppes like yours in Fredericksburg, VA. I had a shoppe for almost 30 years, but closed it a while ago. Being a needlework designer for even longer and running a shoppe had become too much.

    I'm hoping to be at the "Gathering" at the farm.
    I'm looking forward to meeting you.

    Sandra Sullivan
    Homespun Elegance