Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Now I have picrtures!!!

Now I have pictures that I wanted for yesterdays post!! What do they say...

A day late and a dollar short? Something like that anyway. My pumpkin patch. With
no rain, we do not have as many this year as last year, but they look pretty cute growing around the dinner bell. Somewhere in all that vine is the bittersweet, a transplant gift from Lori. You guys should see her's huge!!! And oh so pretty growing on her porch.

Not much happening here today...first of the month, time to pay bills!! YUUUKKK! Then back into the home shop to log in more inventory. Tonight we are headed to the store for more for more inventory...just what I need!!?

Well my friends, I shall not keep you any longer, the bill man waits! Now if I could just find my checkbook in that black hole I call my pocketbook!

Blessings from Virginia,

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  1. Oh now I wish I had planted pumpkins! You are not too far away from me. I'm in Roanoke! Nice to have prim friends nearby. :)