Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Introducing Zendora

This is Zendora and her pet crow. After making this one have decided to alterher a bit. She needs to have a pointed chin and a wee bit smaller nose. This is an original
pattern by me...tolda I can't draw!! But I promised to show her and here she is.
My weather here is yucky! It's just sooo cloudy and dark lookin'. I actually slept this morning until 6:30. On days like today I just wanta stay in bed with a good movie and a book...and of course my little pup Tinsley. But from the home shop I hear my little stump dolls calling out
my name...and they are saying Finish Me"! I have 2 more to do and then it's onto the painting
and grubbing them up a bit.
I really think my maid must have quit...she is just NOT doin' her job!!!
She has let laundry pile up, dust critters have decided to move back in and the home office
is a disaster! It's so hard to find good help!! LOL When the maid left I think she took the cook with her 'cause cookin' just aint happenin'! (I really should cook a meal that consist of more than 1 pan!!) But ya know...I get busy doin' other "stuff" and I forget that we have to eat!
Well, I am ending here...I am gonna go and put a load of clothes in...hopefully I will remember that I have put them in and I don't have to wash them twice...I am bad. And then it's off to the home shop for some alterations on Zendora and work on the stumpies.
Have a blessed day,


  1. Zendora is Great !!! Love her nose & eyes & hat with mousie ....you did a great job !!!! My cleaning woman takes lots of vacations too... ;-)

  2. Your witch is great! I always do that too, revise as I go. Can't wait to see your stump dolls! Dawn

  3. Robin, Zendor looks great!
    I want to talk to your maid! She got to mine too and has walked off the job.. So hard to find good help these days! LOL... OLM

  4. Oh, I love your witch! The color of green is great for her. I look forward to the stump dolls. Remeber: A clean house is the sign of a bored woman! SUE

  5. Hi Robin! Zendora is wonderful! For someone that can't draw, you've done a great job! She has so much personality!!

    My maid went on break about 2 years ago and I haven't seen her since!!