Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Color of FALL

Look at the color of won't be long now....I hope!!I am soooo tired of feeling like a marshmallow that has been left outside with the bag opened. Ya know..all gooey and sticky!
Around these parts you can break a sweat just breathing!! Hubby started cutting grass at
7:20 this morning trying to beat the heat...I am sure the neighbors just LOVE him!! We will be heading to the old shop later...almost have it all cleared out! Most of what is left is in the cook room, and a lot of that can be trashed. Of course there is NO a.c. up there...I am going to turn into that marshmallow again!!
Lori and I had our Open House yesterday, ya shoulda come! We had a very nice time
sittin' and stitchn'. And of course we NEVER talk about the not us! We have come to the conclusion that they are all pretty much the in grown up clothing.
Whatcha workin' on today...or are you taking a break? I will be heading down to the home shop later...have designed a witch. If she turns out I will show ya later, if she doesn't she will go in the trash bin!! A lotta stuff ends up in that ole trash bin let me tell ya! It is not really a trash bin, it is a to be used as stuffing bin.
I hear the lawn mower has cut off so I guess he is ready to unload the van from our haul of last I better sign off here.
Have a great day.

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  1. Robin, it was so nice to see you, yesterday. The shop looks wonderful! My husband is out mowing, too. Gotta be the water-girl for him.

    I'm working on Thanksgiving garlands and finishing up a few projects. Hope your little witch comes to life!