Friday, August 20, 2010

Early Date Night...with Few Finds

Good evening all, I hope you had a fantastic Friday and are looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Our date night was short and sweet. Actually, we did not go to the auction, we stopped by and left some absentee bids. Look at the old child's chair below. I think this is such a great chair. This will be at the show next month or if you are interested in it, just e-mail me.
Next we have a real stage coach trunk. This is the real replica. There are a few small little dings in it, but what do you expect for being that age...Right?
In this picture we have my wonderful, strange and nutty husband. He says that this will be his hunting suitcase. He is holding his new camo burlap he found at Wal-Mart...I don't mean

to be rude or dumb or anything....but what the heck do you do with camo burlap? It must be a guy thing 'cause we HAD to have it. Well, he is now the proud owner (and prolly the only one) of camo burlap. Men...
I saw this on a blog...don't remember which one and it went something like this...
I don't mean to boast or brag...or make you jealous or anything...
But I can STILL wear the earrings I wore in high school.
Come on ladies...that is cute!!!
From my point of view...that is about ALL I can wear from high school.
Tomorrow is the Re-Grand Opening of Notforgotten Farm. And I am not fibbing when I tell you it is packed with all kinda goodies.
If you are out and about Lori and I would love to have you stop by...we have COOKIES!!!
(hey a bribe never hurt anyone).
Have a great night.

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