Friday, August 6, 2010

What A Mess

Good day...look at my mess...this is just part of what I have to take to Lori'sshop and show. Stacks and stacks of things....olde and handmade.
Love that red bench, that would actually look good on my front porch.

The old white child's wicker rocker is very cute, 'specially with a few handmade dolls in it! In this pile are old store scales...great for holding potpourri, antique baskets, tables, a metal dough riser, bucket benches and sooo much more. I only will show you a bit, the rest of the stuff is in my home shop still waiting to be inventoried.
It is Friday Night Date Night and tonight Justin is coming with us. This will be his first
auction, I am really excited to see his reaction. He loves the old stuff and history... hopefully tonight he will get his fill of both.
Well, going back outside, must be 200 degrees out there, but Lee is cutting and every few minutes I go check on him and take him some fresh ice cold tea.
Tomorrow, hopefully, I will be heading out to Lori's in the morning for a while, hookin' and stitchn' time.
Talk later.
Blessings from Virginia,

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