Friday, August 27, 2010

Still Waiting....

To be painted that is. These are the little stump dolls and witch...all waiting patiently
to be painted. I usually make several and then pick a day to paintem' all up.
The little emery pin keeps...are done. The cloth on top is from a quilt
that dates from the early 1900's. They have that good ole heavy feel to them.
So...that's what I have been working on. That picture looks like it should be titled
"It's a Marshmallow World."
It's Friday...and no date night. There is no auction this weekend...or next. What in the
world am I gonna do??? I know you are thinking I should paint my stumpies..right. Well maybe I will. But tonight I have to start pouring up soaps and some wax things. I have been puttin' that off and the time has come that it must be done. I have an order for some willow tree soaps and some wax colonial flicker lights. The wax flickers are going to Texas..woohoo!!! I really shoulda put a picture of them up...I forgot, another day then....O.K.
Going to the shop today. I will be working on some kettle rags. We know them as pot holders.
But back then they were kettle rags, used to take kettles of the fire. They were made using whatever scraps were left from sewing...and I have LOTS of scraps. When finished I will show you what they look like.
Well my friends, I must go. Hubby needs help gathering up all the trash. I really just don't understand how two people can make such a mess!! and soo much trash! To let you know...all of my aches and pains have mysteriously disappeared. But I guess that is a good thing!! Maybe the doctor is right after all...I am Normal?! Maybe I just need a new mattress!
Have a great Friday...It's The WEEKEND!

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  1. Good morning Robin. Yup - FRIDAY!!! Things have been a little slow in this neck of the woods, everyone is taking their last vacation and getting school clothes. Hope it picks up soon. Can't wait to see your little finished stump dolls, they are so cute. Hope you have a great weekend, Dawn