Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Small Tribute...and Shop Happenings

Last night I watched my husband and his son...his son that was out of his
life for 13 years. He missed all of the ball games he played in, his first prom, his
graduation from high school, seeing him skate board in competition and I saw no anger for
missing that. What I did see was complete joy at having him here. He is so very thankful
at having him back in his life, no matter how much time had separated them.
He has taken him under his wing...he has given him a job, reconnected him with family
and now they are planning the big hunting season. He is like a kid again and is truly happy.
I am so very proud of the way he has adjusted to being called Dad. The first time he heard it ...
He had tears in his eyes.
Yes, he carries packages, sets up booths at shows, takes 'em down and he never complains how
heavy a piece of furniture is...and he even stopped asking
"Where are you going to put it"?
I know you are thinking were am I going with this and the answer is no where...
I just wanted to pay tribute to a fine man.....
My husband.
O.K. I am done with that...Lori and I will NOT be at the shop today...stuff came up
However WE WILL BE THERE on Friday and Saturday.
Remember on Saturday is sweets and cool drinks...please plan on coming over and saying
"Hi Y'all".
I think we will be doing another show the first of for date and details.
We are planning on being at Saunder's Orchard on Sept. 25 for a small festival also.
Busy, Busy, Busy...keeps us outa trouble!!!
O.K. ...gotta go pack up some furniture...heading to Bedford this afternoon to restock
the booth.
Have a very blessed day.


  1. What a sweet tribute and lovely story about Lee. I have a favorite saying...."No matter how far you go down the wrong road, turn back."
    Hope their happiness continues!!

  2. Hi Robin, what a lucky guy Lee is to have you!! So glad he and his son got back together. Just shows that it is never too late to mend fences.
    Blessings to you all!!