Monday, August 16, 2010

Found Treasures

Good morning...hope your weekend was a good one. Below is some of the found treasures from Date Night. Love the table/bench. It's about 65-75 years young.

Look at this olde dough bowl, she really shows her wear.
The olde step back is nice. We found the mustardy yellow paint hidden under painted over contact paper. Some one had put some hideous white screen on her bottom panel doors, so I removed them and am going to replace them with feed sacks or tea stained linen.
I have a thing for olde baskets, and this one looks great considering her age.

I did get some other stuff, a great shaker large barrel, 6 seltzer bottles in their case and some smaller items.
Had Lee's reunion Saturday night. Even though I did not know a soul there...besides Lee, it was nice. I felt so young...he graduated 5 years ahead of me!! It was really fun to see how much everyone had changed...they had all of the senior pictures on a big screen.
Heard a lot of stories...they did a lot a partying back then...Oh to be young again! I think they
had about half of their class there, which after 35 years I guess is pretty good. I have never gone to any of my class reunions, maybe after going to his I will.
He did a lot of name tag reading!! Which by the way I think should be mandatory we wear everyday 'cause I am sooo bad with names!! But all in all it was a nice evening.
Sunday we did nothing. I think all that had gone on the last couple of weeks finally caught up with me, we laid around and watched stupid t.v. ya know the kind of shows that you don't have to think about while watching! I did go into the home shop later and piddle a bit.
Today is errand day...and yes I am sure that there will be a Goodwill somewhere near where I am going!!
Well friends, it is that time...
Have a great day.


  1. What great finds! You must have some great auctions down by you. That table/bench is a beauty along with everything else. You know, every time I put feedsacks in something, it sells right away! Did your box come yet? They said 7-10 days, but they thought it would be there by Saturday. Glad you got some rest, you have been one busy gal! Talk to you soon, Dawn

  2. Hey Robin, love your finds. The bench table is great!!
    My Hubby and I call that kind of t.v. "mind numbing", sometimes we are too tired to think and that is what we do. 8-)
    Have a fun day, and I know treasures await you at Goodwill!!

  3. Robin, great treasures! Love the cabinet! OLM