Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, What A Mess We Weave....

When we just dump stuff in a pile. No organization here I tell ya.That beautiful shop has been COMPLETELY turned upside down.
Told ya we messed it up a wee little bit!! But at least this way you can get the true effect of before and after...if we EVER get to after!!!
This (above) was formerly known as the "Classroom". I am not thinking there will be a class held in this area today...and probably not tomorrow either! We go today to pick up the "fabric cabinet"...ya know the JUST HAD to have purchase we made Sunday...just another "little" something to add to our already cluster mess. But at least the fabric will have a new home!!

But the cabinet looks good...well sorta. What you can see of it anyway. I think we are going to cover the outside of it with old feedsack or maybe some ticking or homespun. We want it to look old and she really doesn't. The only thing we know for sure is that we LIKE it.
Well friends, gotta go get ready...as you can see...we have our work pretty much planned for the next several days!! (personally I think it will take us at LEAST 4 days...to find the bathroom again!!) Oh yeah...Lee will be bringing the a.c. to us this afternoon!!!! Hopefully we won't melt in the 95 degree heat...I am sure that by 4p.m. we will be just BEAUTIFUL, so if you stop by....please do not get to close!! LOL
Wish us luck...and a lot of it.
Blessings from Virginia,


  1. I am sure the shop will look beautiful once you two are done. Good luck on your exciting new adventure together !!

  2. Well, it looks like you are all working hard & I'm sure you are having a great time too! Lots of giggle going on? ;)

    It will be great!



  3. You'll get er done and it will be Primitively Fantabulous!!!! I have all the faith in the world in the talent of both of you!!!!
    AND I'm SO excited for you both too!!!! I wish that I could be there to help,but then it would be put something away,drag The Queen,put something else away,drag The Queen LOL!!!!!

    Work away Ladies and don't turn into pools of butter on the floor from the heat!!!!

    The Queen