Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Do You Know....

What this is? I love the Folk Art on this piece. This was hand made and painted...It is a "Cock Box"...yeah I don't like the name much either. But anyhow, this is what they would carry their fighting roosters in to a cock fight. On the back at the bottom it is slatted so air could get in. This was made between 1920-1940, but had a reinforcement lock added about 1950(?). I thought it was pretty cool. I know I will never use it for anything except to just sit in the kitchen or whatever room I decide to move it to next.
So, yesterday I worked my butt off but somehow managed to accomplish NOTHING!!
By the end of the night nothing in the home shop was complete. What happened?? Beats me! I did manage to get it a little organized...somewhat. At least I can see the floor now!
I did get rid of all my little know the little things on the floor that chase you when you walk by...better know as dust critters. They are all happily contained in the vacuum.
Sooo, whatcha workin on?
Don't ask me...'cause I am working on so much at one time that I really
don't know WHAT I am working on!! Today's motto...I WILL complete at least ONE project before thinking of something else to start!!! LOL
Justin will be coming for dinner so I will have to do a little cleaning in the bathroom...please don't think I ONLY clean it when company comes...'cause I DO clean it...I swears! But you know what I mean. However, that does mean I will have to leave the home shop early and cook, so if I want to get anything accomplished I better get moving.
Have a great day!!!


  1. Oh, I hate days like that and i've managed to have many of them this summer...I plan to get much done today!!...So we'll see!..I'm working on a new x-stitch sampler and running the kids...And praying for Fall or just some cooler weather!!Have a good day!!~~hugs.Jen

  2. Hi Robin, your posts are always light and refreshing to read:) I like the box...yikes, the purpose brings to mind " is it men can enjoy doing something that brings so much pain and even death to animals..." I would totally clean it and find a wonderful new use for it, quaint as it is:)
    Yeah, I had a day yesterday where I never accompolished anything but a large pot of spaghetti sauce, dinner and dishes:(((
    Take care,

  3. Hi Robin, neat box!! I am a box freak. 8-)
    I'm not accomplishing anything this week as I am babysitting my four grandkids every day. Ages 3 to 7, they do keep me hopping!!
    Hope you got lots done.