Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So...I went for my physical this morning. I mean a complete from head to toe thing. Now they start off with the usual weight...I am wanting to shed about 25 pounds, and height...I am vertically challenged. Next we move onto the ekg...mind you I have been having chest pains
for about a year or so...some of which I get really hot and sweaty with. I am dieing right? Or so I think. Then they do the chest x-ray...I am a smoker..but I am trying with ALL my might
to quit. Then I see the doctor, which by the way actually stayed in there for about 45 min....I was impressed with her!! I am telling her EVERYTHING...every pain, stupid thought even some of the more personal stuff (menopause ya know) and she leaves for about 3 minutes...She comes back in and she tells me...I AM PERFECTLY HEALTHY!! She tells me that all of my tests are ekg was perfect, my chest x-ray was perfect...even for a last stress
test was perfect (chest pains..remember) all is well except we need the results of the blood work. If all is PERFECT...then why in the heck I am having the pains in my chest???? They keep saying a pulled muscle or hernia...which by the way I go and see the gastro. guy on Monday.
I hate getting older...this sucks!!! I have never had the aches and pains before...much less go to a doctor for anything. So...if I drop over...just remember that I WAS healthy!!
Below are some of the boxes I covered yesterday...
These are the little Halloween candy boxes..I have since tied them with grubby cheese cloth and added a cute Halloween tag.
These I covered in reproduction fabric and only lightly stained them.
I still have a large set to do...soon.
I hope you all are having a good day and that you are getting lots accomplished...
and to Lou (Lori's sister) won't be long now!!! Looking forward to seeing you again and just hanging out!!(See the cock box in the background don't ya..LOL).


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon. The chest pains could definitely be a gastro problem. I found out I have really bad GERD...I thought I was dying. BTW, love the boxes!

  2. I love the boxes, especially the Halloween ones!. I have covered round boxes and alway felt square were more difficult. Yours are great - maybe I will try again. Thanks for sharing. SUE

  3. Hey Robin, love the boxes. I have covering boxes on my to do list, haven't gotten the courage yet.8-) You are right, getting older is not fun. I think if I didn't try to work like I was still 40 when I am 62 it might be a little easier. But that ain't gonna happen!! Still cool here, only 79 out. Hope it cools off for you soon!!

  4. Robin, So LOVE the boxes!!!
    glad to hear everything was great a the doc! have a good night! OLM

  5. Hi Robin! Glad to hear that your physical turned out's a bear getting old! I know!! And the whole "weight" thing makes me crazy...... it's so much harder to lose, the older you get. And lets not even get started on the whole "gravity" thing!! LOL!

    Love the boxes! It's a good thing I don't live closer to you and Lori or I'd not only be old and fat, I'd be broke too!! HA! HA!

    Take care! Lee