Sunday, August 29, 2010

Before and After are you? Just some wax stuff waiting to be de-molded. I love working with wax.This is what it looks like afterwards...nice huh?
I will add rusty wire to the angel for hanging. I have also poured her up in plaster, but wax is so much easier.
Nothin' much goin on here. Pretty much just the same thing just a different day!!
I think Lee is filling the hot tub back up today...YEAH! Maybe we can sit in it tonight.
Justin and Lee made a shooting range here yesterday so he will prolly come over to shoot...
and eat.
We got the big garden bench and wagon to the shop yesterday...finally. Both are pretty heavy but they really look nice at Lori's. Do ya think I took a picture....NOOO! But I will.
Well my dear friends, I really don't have a lot to gab about today...OH...
There is another show...
Saturday Dec 4, 2010
Theme: Christmas
Preview Friday Night $10 admission
Saturdays admission I think will be the usual $5

Please don't forget:
The Gathering of Primitive Friends
at Notforgotten Farm
Sept. 18, 2010
$3 admission
You don't want to miss this one!!!



  1. Oh how I wish I could come! It's a little over 10 hours from here to get to there. Maybe someday. Can't wait to see pictures of the progress you two are making on the shop. We got an old horse-drawn sleigh to put in our shop for the holidays - not sure how we're going to get it through the door though! Have a great hot tub evening, Dawn

  2. Should be a nice evening for a hot tub! Lee should come shooting with Steve sometime.

  3. Love the wax molds!
    Hope you have fun at the gathering...

  4. Robin, Love all the wax goodies!! SHow more pictures of the shop! LOL! Something else might speak to me! Have a great night! OLM