Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Day One Of Remodel

Does this cabinet look light to you? It didn't to me either. Lori said it was...but she quickly found out it WAS NOT. Remember the class room picture from yesterday? Below is how it looks today...
Pretty good...huh? The rest of the pictures on here are of our progress yesterday...

Love this desk with the little spice holder on top. We put the mantel in yesterday also.

This is part of the back wall...Love that chair hanging from the peg rack.
Actually we love the whole arrangement! How do you like it? Lovin' that red box filled with primitives. The whole shop is looking GREAT! Peter and Lee were there late yesterday to hang all of the cabinets, shelves....and the A.C. went in yesterday!! Woohoo, it was starting to get cooler in there...when we were finished.
Today it's down to the final stuff, ya know decorating, rearranging and such.
Not bad for one day, huh?
Well... am off to start day 2...this is sooo much fun!
Talk to ya tomorrow.
Blessings from Virginia,


  1. You and Lori are doing a great job! Can't wait to see a "shop tour". I enjoyed our visit yesterday too and hope that we are able to meet in person one of these days. Remember - take lots of pics! HAVE FUN, Dawn

  2. The shop is looking so great! I knew it would. I can't wait to se the finished product in person!! :-)

  3. Wow, it's looking awesome...would love to see it in person...have to make a trip to VA sometime!!

  4. Lookin good girls! Love everything and see some great things on display. Your new find is perfect for your fabrics. Can't wait to see more!

  5. It is lookin' mighty good! I'm still thinking it isn't fair that VA is soooooo far away from KS!

  6. Everything looks great, to bad I'm in IL.. so I could come for a visit! Love that red box, is it for sale & do you ship? OLM

  7. Thank you for all of the kind comments. It has been a ball "playing" with all of the treasures in the shop...YES the RED BOX is FOR SALE, and YES I will ship it.

  8. Robin, well then, next important question, how much is it?? If you want you could email directly, thanks Marie