Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Camera Battery Dead...But Think FALL

As I write this I am watching the battery on my camera charge...
DEAD it was, would not EVEN take one more picture.
But let's continue anyway...close your eyes...o.k. leave one open to read.
Think pumpkins and gourds and the changing color on the leaves...see 'em?
The smell of mulled cider on the stove and the warmth that the olde home gives.
Think cozy sweaters and blue jeans...that beautiful wonder lust blue sky that always
steals my heart and makes me want to travel. Soups and stews and chicken and dumplings...
The comfort foods of fall.
And I can't forget college football and tailgating, a favorite Saturday past time.
(Big Univ. of Virginia fan!!)
Why I am thinking like this you may wonder...well I will tell ya...
I just got home from Lori's and the shop looks amazing! It just reminded me of fall
already...plus the cool books we were looking at filled to the brim with fall and halloween
helped a bit too I suppose.
I am just so honored that she asked ME to come in with her that I am still at a loss for words.
For me, I take this as a VERY BIG compliment...Thank you again Lori...we're gonna have sooo
much fun!!
The shop at Bell's Treasures is doing great...in fact we have to take up another load on Thursday to replace what's been sold..WOOHOO...thanks Amy for your support and asking me to come back.
Well friends, I am burnin' daylight as they used to say...and still much needs to be done before I can even see my cuttin' and sewing table.
So the troll is off to the home shop.
Blessings from Virginia,


  1. Have a great creative afternoon, I'm sewing and sewing too! Can't wait to see pictures of your new venture! Dawn

  2. I almost felt cold just reading your post, but then with both eyes open I see it is to be over 100 today, and it was back to reality. 8-) Can't wait to see pics of yours and Lori's shop.
    Have a great day!!