Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finally...A White Pumpkin

Good afternoon, how are ya?'s white. I didn't think I was going to get a white pumpkin this year, but as you can see I did!! I wish I could pick it now before any critters get to it. But Lee says I have to wait.
We had a heck of a storm here last night and it took my giant sunflower down.
I am holding it was sooo tall and beautiful and I went out to take a picture and it was GONE....just laying there. The winds were strong and we had over 2 inches of rain...much an hour. Before I went down to the yard I yelled out to Lee that someone stole my sunflower...duh, check the ground dummy. (he did not say that but I thought that).
Took another large load to Bedford today, why we do this in 100 degree heat I will never know. It did nooo good to take a shower before I left 'cause the sweat was drippin'. But again I forgot to take a picture...but at least this time I did take the camera, just forgot to use it. I will be going back next week and I will take a picture of my little corner.
Well, we went by the shop before coming home and you know what that means...logging in inventory. The van was full and now so is my basement...will I ever see daylight?
Hopefully Sunday we will get the counter out to Lori's...yep the 400+ lb. giant thing. I will bring her to the home shop to start going through some of the inventory her so we can decide what goes in the shop and what will be on the outside for her show. I am so looking forward to her show, it is always so much FUN...I hope you can All join us.
Well, another storm is coming in FAST so I am headed down to the home shop so I can not see it, yep, I am a chicken.
Blessings from Virginia

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  1. Wish I could make it to the show! Oh well, maybe someday... Have a great weekend, Dawn